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Australian Tea Light Candles

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These glass tea-light candle holders are hand-painted from the inside using specially designed angled paint brushes.  The artist first outlines the artwork and then meticulously paints from the foreground to the background.  


Each tea-light candle holder is very unique as they have been hand-crafted right from the beginning when they were hand-blown and finally hand-painted.  Each tealight candle holder comes in a deluxe blue gift box with white padding on the inside.  Don't worry, your glass candle holder will not break inside the box.


We currently have 8 designs to choose from:

27001 – Koala & Joey

27008 – Kookaburras

27002 – Blue Wren ( blue background)

27005 – Blue Wren (white background)

27003 – Rainbow Lorikeets (blue background)

27010 – Kookaburra and Koala


27017 – Outback Kangaroos

27018 – Sulphur Crested Cockatoo


Please choose your tea-light candle holder in the "designs" drop down menu.