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Pud - Cranberry & W Choc

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Our range of contemporary and traditional handmade puddings feature a variety of flavours sure to please every taste bud. Made fresh in our kitchen in Castlemaine, each pudding is carefully packaged. Our puddings are made with only the best ingredients, to create the moistest and most delicious pudding you will ever have. No two puddings are the same, but supreme taste and full fruit texture make them the perfect festive treat.

800g, 400g, 100g (allow 100g per serve)

Between our double chocolate orange with Cointreau, cranberry and white chocolate pudding, traditional Christmas puddings, and date and butterscotch flavours, you’re bound to find a Pud to suit your desire. Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like our trademark plum puddings, a traditional recipe for pudding handcrafted in the old-fashioned style to preserve the classic flavours. We pride ourselves on supplying the tastiest gourmet puddings for all occasions, and all seasons.

The 400g and 800g can all be reheated by boiling in the bowl with water halfway up the side:

400g - 50 minutes | 800g - 90 minutes

For microwave the timing would be:

400g - approx. 2 minutes | 800g - approx. 3.5 minutes

The 100g can be removed from packaging and steam or microwave until warm.